Thursday, August 13, 2009

Eclectic Mix...

I have a variety of different things available on Vintage by LouLou at the moment from the gorgeous linen tea towel and retro toaster in the above image to heels and furniture. Definitely worth a look!!


  1. Hi I saw a whisky decanter at the markets today Mum and Dad had one when I was little and it has a little boy on the top and the whisky comes out of his little penis. Now I was tempted to buy it as was $15 and thought it might sell well on ebay - how do I find out about stuff like this

  2. Hi Laura,
    Sorry it took so long to respond. I took a holiday and am back now :)
    I watch the trends a lot with what is in vogue when it comes to vintage and I do a lot of investigating on what is selling well on ebay.
    Current issues of magazines is a great way to see what is considered desiarable now and in the future (often they are the ones to bring trends to the people in their articles etc). Some of my faves include InsideOut, Vogue Living and the British Country Living. Also Interior Designers love to blog with great ideas on objects they're currently loving. Check out for Anna Spiro who has a passion for the vintage and mixes it up with a bit of contemporary.
    Hope that helps,