Sunday, October 4, 2009

Falling Cloudberries...


I was dreaming about "Falling Cloudberries" this morning, the second cookbook by Tessa Kiros. It serves up a selection of tantalising family recipes and stories connected to them from her multicultural heritage. The images used in her books are a feast for the eyes and if ever there was a cookbook I love to return to it is this one. What is your favourite cookbook?


  1. Looks like a nice book. I only have 2 cookbooks in my kitchen. They are both by Bill Granger. I really like his casual approach to cooking.

  2. Hi Simone,

    They are gorgeous books, for the imagery alone :)

    I have not picked up Bill Grainger's books before but have seen him whipping up a storm on television. I'll keep an eye out for him at my local bookshop.

    I also love Nigella who has a fabulous website with what seems like endless amount of recipes available.