Monday, November 2, 2009

Chairs with character...


Now I realise my below photo doesn't give away much of what my installation will end up looking like (as intended) but part of it is a most gorgeous naturally distressed blue chair with oh so much character. Unfortunately it's not mine but is on loan to me from a friend. It received so many compliments yesterday that some of my friends and I began a discussion on the beauty of the found lone chair and reminded me of the above image.

I came across it recently when I was flicking through the book, "Contemporary Eastern Interiors from the Orient" written by Alice Whately. There were some absolutely stunning images from fashion designer Betsey Johnson's apartment which was very much Eclectic Oriental and this seat just happens to belong to that setting. The images were published in 2000 so her apartment may have changed since then but this seat still remains absolutely stunning.

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