Sunday, November 29, 2009

On the Fourth Day of Green Chic...

Chapter 3 - Home, Green, Home

(Product and image from Murchison-Hume)

In chapter three Christie provides tips on converting your home to a green friendly space.  It made me think of the cleaning product aisle in our supermarkets and the shelves of chemicals for clean bathtubs to washing our clothes.  What are the green choices out there for us?

The fortunate situation is that more businesses have been created as individuals and groups of people have seen the need to develop healthier alternatives.  We will find these at good local health stores or if you look carefully sometimes hiding amongst other bottles of cleaners at supermarkets.  For example I have found Eco Store at my local Woolworths and I just love their essential oil scented hand wash.  I have also found this fabulous luxurious (and Australian) brand called Murchison-Hume. One thing I find about a lot of eco friendly product is that they are let down by their packaging and this is where Murchison-Hume steps in; not only are their products environmentally friendly but they also look fantastic and definitely fall into the Green Chic classification.  

For even less expensive and perhaps the most eco friendly choices we can look to products that helped our grandmothers' keep house: Baking Soda and Vinegar.  You can visit the Back to Basics website for all the tips on how to use them.


  1. Thank you, so much, for this post! The links are great and I appreciate how dedicated you are!

  2. Thanks for your comments :) It really makes you feel that it's worthwhile. As you are based in the US you have probably heard of Method eco-friendly cleaning products? We also have them on our shelves in Australia but was began by two American chaps. It may be worth your while checking them out also.

  3. I saw an article in a vintage womens journal suggesting all types of household products for cleaning, it was fabulous and I loved reading it. Thanks for all your well wished last week. xx