Saturday, November 28, 2009

On the Second Day of Green Chic...

Chapter 1 - Green Glossary

I have been preparing all day for the new markets in Ipswich tomorrow but as promised here is the Second Day of Green Chic - Saving the Earth in Style...

In chapter one of Christie's book she brings to the reader a glossary of green terminology. I just want to highlight one that is very important to myself (and many others) as it's awareness increases and that is: Organics.

In Christie's own book she has referred to the American standards but I have chosen instead to give an Australian outline.

"Organic farming systems include those referred to as biodynamic or biological. The basic principle of organic farming is to achieve optimum quantities of produce and food of high nutritional quality without the use of artificial fertilisers or synthetic chemicals.

Organic farming emphasises:

  • the use of renewable resources
  • the need to conserve energy, soil and water resources
  • maintaining environmental quality."
To me it's simple. "Why would I want to put anything into or onto my body that isn't natural and organic. The alternative is too concerning and personally I believe there is a connection between it and health related issues.

One situation that comes to mind is the macadamia farmers in Noosa who have been connected to health related issues and sick marine life (two headed fish for instance) with the run off of their chemical fertiliser into the waterways.

It's important to understand where our food comes from because most of us would associate macadamias as health food. But my concern would be what would eating these chemically fertilised foods be doing to my body over time?

Now speaking of macadamias lucky me happens to just have a large tree (as pictured) in my back yard. For everyone else there is
Organic Healthy Nut. Can I tempt anyone with dark chocolate coated macadamias?

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