Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 Resolutions...

At the beginning of each year most of us tend to want to improve some part of ourselves or our lives (are we just never completely happy with ourselves people??). So I feel my resolutions this year are ones that will be about personal fulfilment and a focus on being eco-friendly...this is something that is close to my heart;
  • Incorporate more raw food and recipes into my diet
  • Change all of my skincare (which most of it is already) and cosmetics over to organic and natural alternatives
  • Surround myself with beautiful things
  • And finally I have decided that I will only purchase vintage, second hand and hand crafted items this year
Raw Ice Cream by Alissa Cohen

Now I'm not interested on being a size 6 so yo-yo dieting is not on the cards for me but I do want to eat better and make local choices. I think the last few weeks I've been eating really naughtily (and yet Santa still came) knowing that today I was going to begin my day with a litre of Green Smoothie and I've just begun on a bowl of gorgeous grapes (they really are that good).

I have touched on the Raw movement in my 12 days of Green Chic blogs and to be honest I don't want to give up all cooked food but I do want to incorporate fresh produce and raw recipes in my life on a daily basis. So I will share that here with you my fellow bloggers.

With most of my skincare, shampoo and conditioner is already organic based but my cosmetics is a different story so I will be exploring these options. Overall I guess one of the great things about skin care these days is that there are so many choices out there for us when it comes to organic and natural products. Also at the beginning of last year I stopped colouring my hair (a brave move) so I am also au natural in that area but I would like to investigate friendlier hair colours.


Surrounding myself with beautiful things is definitely a lovely thing to do this year or any year. In fact it's a must for us all because it really does enhance our lives and lift our moods. It's also an extension of our identity so is a reflection of our personal self and journeys.

And finally I am quite adamant in only purchasing vintage, second hand and hand crafted items this year. I am doing this to show how important it is to rethink what we purchase and how it affects us at an environmental and social level. There are some consumer items I can't replace with second hand such as; food, underwear, art supplies etc but everything from my wardrobe to my home will be of a vintage, second hand or hand crafted nature.

So here is to 2010 and all that it has to offer my friends :)


  1. great resolutions, and some that I will be also following / continuing on from last year.

    The raw thing has been recently introduced to me and the a few weeks last year I was giving it a good go. While I could never be 100% I think a lot of the recipes are fantastic and are great ways to incorporate healthy food into the diet.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! Super blog you have here ;)

    Renee x

  2. What a fun list of favorites you have. I always am up for more!