Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day...


Well Christmas has come and gone. I enjoy the lead up to Christmas more I think than the actual day itself. You know, decking the halls with boughs of holly, the sharing of Christmas cards with family and friends in the weeks beforehand, preparing the Christmas menu, and all those little traditions you have before the big day (one of mine is watching my favourite Christmas films each year)...

Anyhow Boxing Day was spent at the beach. The boys and kids went sailing while us "ladies" chose to sit under the shade of a Moreton Bay Fig watching their sails from a distance but really just enjoying ourselves, catching up and devouring the home made blue berry muffins and sandwiches mum brought along.

I read a pile of mum's magazines with one of my favourites being this British Country Living. It is filled with the most gorgeous country landscapes and gardens...I want one (well the gorgeous garden that is but I'll take the magazine too)!!


  1. Your day just sounds delightful! Was it terribly rainy like it was here in the Switch?

  2. I was at my parents in Brisbane and we were ummmming and ahhhhing about going because it was rainy here too. However when we got there it only rained as we were packing up....and yes it was lovely xx