Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Copenhagen Calling and One Lucky Give Away Winner...!!

Image found here

This morning I've been listening to updates on the Climate Change Conference (soo...I happen to be a little interested in both planet and politics!!) and it got me to thinking about a Christmas in Copenhagen and googling it. Amongst the gorgeous images of lit Christmas trees in snowy street scenes I came across the above fabulous photographic image. It then lead me to the Cycle Chic blog that has been hailed as "the Sartorialist on two wheels".

So did you know then that Copenhagen is renowned for their cyclists. I had heard something of the like previously but you know, in one ear and out the other really. So this morning it was exciting for me to learn that 40% of Copenhagians (is that correct terminology peeps??) cycle to work or just to get around. Now I'm impressed. I have a vintage malvern star that a friend recently restored for me because I had big plans of cycling everywhere. And of course, I haven't! To be honest I'm kinda afraid of the crazy drivers around but the other reason is no where to put the kids. Well not in Copenhagen. They have bikes that cater for all including places to put the little darlings. The other thing is most of these Copenhagians look so chic on their bikes. I can hardly think after riding around in this weather I would remain cute. I'd definitely look "hot" but not in the desired sense hehe! So if you're interested in street style, being green or just wanting to check out some interesting photographic images treat yourself to the Cycle Chic Blog.

Now onto other important matters. I just wanted to congratulate my eco-friendly Cheeki Water Bottle winner Kyla from "Kyla Does Stuff". I'll contact you shortly to discuss the finer details... :) Thank you to all my fabulous entrants. Stay tuned as I have many more give aways available in the New Year.

Oh, I just can't quite get away from Copenhagen. One last thing, did you know that organic food consumption in Copenhagen is a massive 83% and that number is only expected to increase. I am seriously impressed!!


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