Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ipswich Christmas Tree...


I took this photo (near my market stall) of the gorgeous Ipswich Christmas tree this evening and wanted to share it with you all...!!
The evening had a lovely freshness about it and was cool which is a welcomed change to how it was earlier in the day. This of course had to do with the late afternoon storm which, except for a few splashes of rain for 10 minutes, did not hit us. Lucky really since 27,000 homes in Brisbane are without power because of it...!!


  1. It really is a lovely tree and does some great things to help nice up the Mall, huh!

    I didn't know there were markets on last night! No fair. I might have liked to visit.

  2. great tree & pic!
    all the best for the festive season & new year ♥