Friday, December 4, 2009

On the Ninth Day of Green Chic...

Chapter 8 - On Occasion


Tis the season to be green...

Ok, so in chapter eight Christie reminds of the need to enjoy ourselves when it comes to celebrations but to be mindful in the manner we go about it.  Excess does not equal best.

I just want to highlight Christie's section on how much Co2 emissions from cards alone in the US causes; 

"What gives me pause, though, is that every pound of virgin paper made from tree pulp means about 1 pound of CO2 is emitted.  (The paper industry, which I discuss in more detail on page 36, is the third largest industrial emitter of greenhouse gases.)  Which may not sound like all that much, but around the holidays about 2.6 billion cards are sent.  Now, let's assume each of those weighs 0.5 ounces.  (The U.S Post Office required only one stamp on any letter weighing 1 ounce or less; I've gotten some thick holiday cards and wedding invitations that required extra postage, and so obviously weigh more than 1 ounce; 0.5 seems like a nice conservative estimate.)  That would be 81.25 million pounds of CO2. Yikes."

(For those of us using the Metric System 1 Ounce = 28.349 grams)

However Hallmark is not our only option for the Christmas card, (or any others for that matter).  
We do have other choices.  These include Eco Friendly cards (remember that local is also best. It 
defeats the purpose if you happen to purchase from an overseas seller). Also if you are the 
creative sort why not handcraft one from recycled materials. Another option is vintage cards.  
My mum recently picked up a cute vintage Christmas card for my daughter. However this option 
may take longer when looking for a card that reflects what you are wanting to say.
And finally another option is the e-card but as Christie also acknowledges, these 
are fun but when it comes to special and important occasions nothing will replace the sentimentality of a card.

Other things we can consider for a green yet chic Christmas -
Perhaps you already have something you do for Christmas that's Green Chic??

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  1. Great ideas for the green chic Christmas! I myself trying to buy only organic produce and recycle as much as I can.

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. Please, come back soon.