Monday, December 7, 2009

On the Eleventh Day of Green Chic...

Chapter 10 - My Favourite Green Things

In chapter 10 Christie shares with her readers some of her favourite green here are some of mine -


The Vintage Wedding Dress Company - Though English based I think this website is a fabulous idea for the bride seeking an individual look with a vintage dress.

Stainless Steel Water Bottles - Stop adding to the waste situation by using human and eco friendly stainless steel water bottles.  Also I have a fabulous give away of a family pack of Cheeki water bottles.  Visit here so not to miss your chance in the give away.

Blackle -  Is basically a Google search engine with a black screen because it saves more energy.  You can find out more on how it works here.  Has been featured in Australian Vogue so can't get more chic than that!!

David met Nicole - An Australian based dynamic duo who share fabulous vintage finds (A combination of both British and local items.  Obviously those shipped from overseas leave a larger carbon footprint) for us grateful buyers and window shoppers.  I just love popping over to their site to see what new lovelies they have.

Charles Darwin Tote Bag  - Love him or loathe him, Charles Darwin was one of the first environmentalists understanding the impact that man has on his environment.  I love the images used on this 100% Organic Cotton tote, perfect for groceries or perhaps your library books. 

Figs and Rouge - I am absolutely in love with this brand which focuses on non-toxic and organic ingredients in skincare.  I want something similar made and available in Australia.  Don't you love their vintage inspired packaging??

Arvensis Organic Skincare - Remember local is one of the key things to being green.  Arvensis is a gorgeous range of organic skincare that was developed about 40 minutes outside of Ipswich (my now hometown) in a township called Boonah.  

Empire Vintage - I absolutely love Lyn Gardener's hand selection of vintage wares some which are shared in her gallery on her website.  Otherwise visit her shop in Alber Park, Victoria for a first hand experience.

 Organic and Quality Foods - Looking for a supplier of organic and local produce?  Organic and Quality Foods provides this service and delivers it right to your front door.  You couldn't ask for anything more.

Etsy - Perfect for vintage and conscientious handcrafted lovelies.

What are a few eco-friendly sites that you visit?  You may already view some without initially realising they are offering green options...

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