Sunday, February 7, 2010

Conversations - Janette Adams from Precious Packages

Janette Adams

I had the opportunity to speak with Janette Adams of Precious Packages from Ipswich.  We shared many similar ideas on the values of business and as so many of these fall along the way side today where many larger corporations are concerned, I thought it important to share our conversation here on Janette’s home based business.

Janette loves paisley fabrics as seen in this cushion amongst other home wares

VBLL: What inspired you to open your own business?

Janette: Quite simply my daughter.  When I was pregnant with her and as I waited in anticipation for her arrival, I referred to her as my “precious package”.  I also have my own children’s label, “Busy Being” and that too was inspired by my daughter.  After school I would always ask her, “ What did you do today? Were you busy being beautiful?”.  And that is where the name for Busy Being was born from.

A range of cotton blend tea towels

VBLL: How do you describe what your business is all about?

Janette: It’s a gift shop where you’ll find a range of home wares, books, a children’s clothing range and more.  I also provide hand selected and individualised gift hampers for personal and corporate clients.

Janette's home wares displayed in a fresh cream and white interior

VBLL: Why did you choose what it is you do?

Janette: I live my passion/s, whatever they might be each day.  Precious Packages is just that (a passion) and by having my own business I hope to inspire others to do the same.  Everything I choose in my life I enjoy.

Refreshment provided in the much needed Ipswich Summers

VBLL: Which direction would you like to see you business go?


Janette: As my business grows I can see myself moving from my home based location to larger premises in the Ipswich area.  This will also provide local employment opportunities, which once again is giving back to the community.  Another goal of mine as my business expands is to create awareness and support of local causes.

Robert Gordon favourites available from Precious Packages

VBLL: What is fabulous about having a small business in the Ipswich area?


Janette: It supports the regeneration of Ipswich by bringing life back to it.  It also allows you to get to know people and provide true customer service.  As I mentioned earlier it also creates awareness of better options for others interested in beginning their own businesses and that anything is possible.


Precious Packages is open Wednesday through to Saturday and also provides Devonshire Teas and Cheese and Wine evenings (bookings required).


Visit for further information.


  1. Looks like a lovely little shop! Thanks for sharing the interview with us x

  2. Thanks Amanda...It was a pleasure, Janette is such a lovely lady and offers much, not just in her range but her custom :)

  3. Wow Lou Lou , I love hearing about small businesses such as this. It sounds like a lovely shop and if I ever go through Ipswich I will certainly stop in (especially if there is a Devonshire tea to be had)! Wonderful interview & thanks for sharing - Tina x

  4. Living your passion - this is so important, and I love how Janette chose the names for her businesses. I'm like Tina - always keen for scones with jam and cream!

  5. Ipswich has many fabulous little shops so over time I'll introduce more here :) As for living your passion this is so many of us end up miserable at work. I have to say I LOVE what I do and each day it grows! And I'm definitely with you ladies on the scones...I love raspberry jam on mine :)

  6. Sounds like she has it all together and I love her vision for the future of her business.