Sunday, February 14, 2010

I found myself...


on the Bremer Tafe website thanks to a friend seeing it.  Naturally I had to find out what exactly it was all about and so here I am sharing it here with you fellow bloggers...

Graduating Diploma of Visual Art student, Louisa Janke is already turning her qualification into a self-made vocation.

Exhibiting her work at The Bremer TAFE's graduating visual art exhibition, Aperio which was held at the Ipswich Community Gallery in November 2009, was just one of many achievements for the graduating student and small business owner.

"Visual art was an interest in high school but then I went into office work and had two children.  I started studying visual art at The Bremer so I could work from home and I've begun that through my own online website of vintage collections," Louisa said.

"I really enjoy the historical context to art and what's being represented as well as the background of an art piece itself," she said.

The annual exhibition of student work showcased individual inspirations, design skills and technical expertise across a broad range of media. 

Louisa's picture wall installation on show at the exhibition featured a collection inspired by a vintage appeal and gave the Ipswich public a taste of art to come on her online website gallery.

"My areas of interest are in painting and drawing, and I'm now working on still life with a Euro-Asian appeal - a cultural fusion of orient meets a Parisian salon," she said.

The Bremer TAFE wishes Louisa all the very best with her creative business ventures.

Pretty cool huh!!


  1. Congratulations Lou!! What a fantastic article:) It was great to learn more about you:) Thanks for sharing!!~ Tina x

  2. Wow congratulations! I like the painting you're working on in that photo :)

  3. fantastic!!!
    nice to get to know you a bit better and pretty cool painting.
    I also studied visual arts and loved it.
    well done Lou!

  4. That's fantastic, Lou!

  5. Thanks everyone, really appreciate the comments :) Thought it showcased a little more about me too. xx