Thursday, February 4, 2010

This week has been...


Crazy, Hectic, Cool!!  And because of how busy I have been I feel somewhat neglectful (not out of choice) of my blog and visiting some of my favourites.  So this weekend, though once again I have it full of things that I must MUST do, I will endeavour to catch up with all of your wonderful blogs.

So here are a few things needing updating;

Apron Give Away -  I want to congratulate "Just Amy" on being the lucky draw winner that my assistant Lord Random Picker chose.  Thank you everyone else who entered but next week I'll give you another chance in my new Give Away.  By the way I loved all of your favourite cuppas and I'm not sure I have one special favourite but here are some of mine - Jasmine and Green Tea, Vanilla Rose (tastes like Turkish Delight) and Chai.  And how do I have it?  Weak and Black.

I was also fortunate to be contacted by the lovely Simone from Beach Vintage to feature me on her blog yesterday and I thank her for that.  Simone's own blog is gorgeous and full of inspiration and is worth discovering if you haven't already.

And just to let you know some of the projects that are taking my time; I am collaborating with colleagues in the areas of Visual Arts for an exciting curatorial project (something that will take up most of 2010 for an exhibition later this year),  and Business to develop a support network for Ipswich Women in Business (if that is you, please contact me at as we will be having a Cheese and Wine evening shortly).

Oh and I have put some new things in the shop as well including the tea towel in the above image which I have used as a table cloth of sorts; I mean what?  You use that to dry dishes?  I don't think so ;)

Have a fabulous weekend everyone,



  1. Loved seeing your treasures on Simone's gorgeous blog yesterday! Have a lovely weekend - Tina x

  2. Oh! I'm so excited about the apron! Hooray! I'll email you straight away.

    I follow Simone's blog, too and like Tina I thought it was great she highlighted yours.

    Have fun catching up on your blog reading.