Sunday, April 4, 2010

All things "hep" for 1940s Easter Celebrations...


Yesterday I had the chance to sit down and read the paper from cover to cover over breakfast with a steaming cup of hot coffee. This is one of my favourite things to do and one I rarely get the chance to do now because I'm too busy doing everything else. When I came across this photograph from an article titled, "The Easter beach rush, 1940s-style" (sourced by Gwen McLachlan) I just had to share.

Some of the snippets from articles around this time also included were;

"With the prospect of a quiet day ahead, Brisbane's younger set did not bother to unpack but went straight to the Surfers Paradise Hotel to make an uproarious scene of gaiety" (referring to Easter Sunday)


"They certainly did a good job of making merry. A first-class band with dozens of new numbers proved a big lure and the night developed into a hep session."


"This is better than watching a line of ballet girls on stage", said one youth, seeing the stream of attractive young things arrive at the Pacific Hotel.

Mmm how times have changed but at the same time, not so very much!

(Source - The Sunday Mail, April 4 2010)


  1. Hi there. Just found your blog through 'Homely One'. I get so excited every time I find a new Aussie site. I'm a new blogger from Melbourne. That was such a sweet post and, you're right, how times have changed though fundamentally remained the same!

  2. "better than watching a line of ballet girls onstage." Love that!

  3. Thanks Kristine for finding me. I fell in love with the image and once I finished reading the article I knew I just had to share.

    And Amy, I cannot imagine young guys comparing gorgeous young things with "ballet girls" these days!