Thursday, April 8, 2010

Message in a Bottle...

Image found here

I just loved this story about an Australian boy and his father who found a message in a bottle this week, washed up on the beach, all the way from China.

The message once translated from Chinese into English read, "Happy to connect with you. I would like to make friends with you. Would you like too?".  There is an address included which the pair will use  in an attempt to find out who their new mystery friend might be.

In a world where sometimes I feel some magic has been lost due to technology, it is fabulous to hear these sort of stories and have a  reconnection with this "magic".  

If I wrote a message and put it in a bottle, what wouId I say?  Mmm I wonder...


  1. You know I think that is a great idea..a message in a bottle how cute... Today everything is far too electronic and impersonal...Its the second time today I read something about a letter in a bottle....funny. Did you see the movie message in a bottle with Kevin Costner such a cute movie. I loved it. I loved the very idea of it. Margo

  2. How lovely!

    I have a different take on how technology affects us. Whatever the medium--whether a bottle or a blog--it's still the same message. In the end, people just want to connect.

  3. I read this story whilst I was in New Zealand, it was amazing. I am not sure what I would write in a bottle. But I love hearing these stories. Hope you had a great easter.