Monday, May 31, 2010

An Autumn Dreaming Styling #3

Image by Vintage by Lou Lou

Today I played around with some of the last props I used for an Autumn Dreaming; The French Inspired Garden Seat (which I had two of) and the Red Cushions with the damask patterning. On the night they were nestled in between a cluster of evergreens and poinsettias on either side. It reminded me of a place you might rest if you were playing in a secret garden.

Since that night I seem to have had so many opportunities open up to me which I'm very fortunate to have happen. Yes, I've come back down to earth but I'm still doing a lot of high fives as new exciting ventures come my way.

Stay tuned xx


  1. oh i love that image!i'm very much into black walls at the moment!

  2. Great image - I love the seat - very Secret Garden!

  3. I love this image. It might just make it into my top ten list this week!

  4. Thank you ladies...I will down the track write something in scrolly writing on the spare wall space. Not sure what yet but it will come to me xx