Friday, May 21, 2010

How to get an Education...

Image from An Education

Last night it was catch up with my beautiful girlfriends, (dress up, share a bottle of red and some chili dark chocolate kinda evening) and then followed by a date with Philadelphia. It was either the remake of a Nightmare on Elm Street at the cinema or a DVD, cuddled up on the couch. Mmm I can reassure you it was the latter and I'm so pleased that I did (though my friends I have to admit I don't mind a bit of horror or an intense psychological thriller and scaring myself senseless).

Continuing the theme of good vino, my favourite winter pyjamas and being snuggled up under a throw rug, I was ready to get "An Education". It was a coming of age story about Jenny (Carey Mulligan) a student in her final year of school who sets out to become a young woman as she embarks on a relationship with David (Peter Sarsgaard) the "older man". I'm not sure it was a mind blowing film but to me all the elements were there for what I find enjoyable. First of all it's middle class England (and this has always appealed to me whether it's a Jane Austen period piece or contemporary cinema), the relationship between the lead characters are also believable and the story itself was one of those that you can connect with because despite the lead female being of school age Jenny is strong willed, intelligent and real and quite frankly they are very attractive traits. Did I forget to mention that I really enjoyed Peter Sarsgaard as the lead. I found him quite gorgeous and that always helps a film, don't ya think?

If I was doing a Margaret Pomeranz on this I'd be giving it a 3.5 stars. It really is quite enjoyable and I definitely suggest it to all you wonderful readers out there :)


  1. oh cool. you know what i saw it in a dept store the other day and nearly bought it (unseen) because i thought i'd at least love the art direction, and for some reason put it back down again.

    will def get it now! thanks : )

  2. It's something I would definitely go out and buy. And I've just come back from the cinema after watching the heart warming (don't forget your tissues), Letters to Juliet which is another blog. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend xx

  3. Oh thanks for sharing...I think I may have to hunt this one down. Hugs for a great weekend. xoxoxo

  4. My girlfriends have just watched this also and were commenting on how much they've enjoyed it so I'm thinking you won't be disappointed xx