Saturday, May 29, 2010

{ What one finds... }




So this cleaning thing, well the apron didn't work (surprise, surprise!!). The novelty lasted for 10 minutes but let me tell you mopping the floors is still just mopping the floors whether you're wearing a cute apron or not.

What I did come across were these photos that were sent to Philadelphia from his parents of their home.

Now I love it. You would be forgiven if you thought for a moment that it was located in Italy or the like. It's actually a gorgeous home in Adelaide. And I love everything about it. So many treasures inside and out. The sort of place you could explore for hours because there is so much gorgeousness to discover.

Hope you're all having a fantastic weekend.



  1. What a stunning house! I love it. In the first 2 photos it looks like an old forgotten relic. Ps. After reading your blog about the apron, I got out my aprons, ironed them & hung them up. They're too pretty to wear around the house, but they look nice as a bit of decoration.


  2. Gorgeous house, there are some real gems to be found in Australia! Do visit my blog, i'm having a little giveaway

  3. Hi ladies :)

    Laura - Happy to have inspired you with your own aprons. They really are just lovely. I cannot go past one when there is a pretty one at my local op shop.

    Alicia - I'm off to visit your blog for the give away now xx

    Have a wonderful week,