Tuesday, June 1, 2010

{The Face behind Vintage by Lou Lou}

Yes, this is me!

Because I  have some wonderful new readers I thought I'd share a little about myself...

I'm Louisa and I live in a fabulous and exciting place called Ipswich. I have an online vintage shop but there is more to me than that; I adore interiors, set design, visual harmoy and I love vintage thanks to my Irish granny who would visit the many op shops with her butterfly purse filled with coins in anticipation of that bargain.

I am also a creator. One with many ideas...most of them quite fabulous really!! I appreciate anything from a painting to a film masterpiece. In fact it's not so secret that I one day want to work on my own film/s.

The above may sound very grand and all but I'm also a lover of my home and simple things in life. I love my lemon and kumquat trees, my lavendar and rosemary bushes. I love wearing my gumboots or seeing them at my backdoor. I enjoy watering my garden and one day want my own laying hens.

So my blog is about my loves and my inspirations for life and living.

I would also love to learn more about you so please feel free to share below!



  1. So many of the things you mention relate to me. I want to do 'grand' things in life, to quote you, but the simple things fill my heart up to overflowing. Including wearing my gumboots to hang out the clothes & the smell of granny smith apples. Love hearing these things about you.


  2. Thanks Laura. I'm yet to work on the balance of having both but to me the most important place is my home....very sacred to me and a place to escape too xx

    Love what you stand for too my dear :)

  3. HI Louisa, Thank you so much for visiting my blog because now I have discovered yourself. The styling and photos on your website are fabulous! BTW, I was born in old Ipswich town and lived there until I was 8. x

  4. Hi Louisa, so great to read about you. I LOVE all the amazing pictures you find for your blog. You really are a style guru! My family and I moved back to Ipswich last September and are enjoying it very much. Reading your blog has actually reminded me to spend more time enjoying the simple things and feeling grateful for them. Thanks so much.