Thursday, July 29, 2010

{ A Weekend Dreaming }

I cannot believe I have not seen this Victorian advertisement before this week. Perhaps it hasn't been played on Queensland televisions until now but I AM IN LOVE with it. Hmmm, I was thinking about it earlier and I think this girl here (yes, I'm talking about me) is in love with the moving picture. So with the weekend upon us, this is what I'm dreaming about.

Happy Weekend all xx



    I haven't seen that add in full before and have to say THANKYOU! That was just GORGEOUS. In fact, I think I might go off and pack my bags for Daylesford right this very second. haha

  2. I'm hearing you Susie. Will meet you there xx

  3. So magical...hope you have a lovely weekend and find lots of treasures, cheers Katherine

  4. hope you are enjoying your weekend!
    today i received my cookbook from you : )
    thanks again!

    i also featured it on my blog >

  5. How lovely and beautiful music too I am in love with it too Lou hope you have a lovely weekend too xx