Thursday, July 1, 2010

{ Yesterday's Collectables }




Yesterday I dropped into one of my favourite vintage shops in Ipswich, Yesterday's Collectables. They have some of the prettiest finds from beautiful china (including a gorgeous rosie dinner set I would have loved), old brooches and jewels, kitchenalia and more.

Whenever I am in the Old Flour Mill, which is where you will find Yesterday's Collectables, I cannot resist but go in and see what's new.

So above are some of my finds. I love old pegs. They are perfect for craft projects, to use in displays or create the perfect props for some vintage inspired photography.

My next find are the beautiful greeting cards. These were from a womans single collection of birthday cards...and there were pleanty more from where those came from too. Isn't it interesting what people collect. Or just a reflection of the times. Perhaps once you would have had a card on handy in preparation for any occaision where as now how easy it is to just send an online message or quickly pop down to the shops and buy one?

And last but definitely not least is my beautiful new vintage tea towel. This one will make a perfect cushion so wait and see how this one takes a new lease on life over the next few weeks.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. There are some markets here in Ipswich, our garden to tend to and bits and pieces around the home I want to tidy (this seems to be a never ending story with me) and just some time to relax and unwind thrown in there somewhere as well.

Lou xx


  1. Some lovely bits and pieces you have here. Enjoy your weekend! Cathy x

  2. I so adore vintage cards...I pick them up whenever I see them.
    Happy 4th of July to you.xoxo

  3. that tea towel is fab, love it! i think my nanna had one the same.

    and the images below of your study made me look around at my mess very sheepishly!!