Monday, August 23, 2010

{Book Week Dress Ups}


There is something fun about dressing up. Allows you to be as creative as you please. A chance to get away from the mundane and wear something different, exciting and sometimes even daring.

And so this morning with Book Week celebrations on at my kid's school, they transformed themselves into Pocahontas and an Air Man (from my boy's non-fiction book on the RAAF). Their grandma happened to find them some vintage costumes (30 & 40 years old) she had made her kids when they were younger. Hmm so dressing up and vintage. Ahh couldn't be more perfect in my eyes.

I managed to get them to stand still on grandma's steps for all of about a second but here are some pictures of them and their outfits.

Enjoy xx


  1. Too cute!
    I had to grapple with a grumpy 8YO who swore black and blue that wearing an AFL outfit constituted a character from a book.
    Gone are the days of Mr Cute in a Peter Pan outfit or suchlike.
    x Felicity

  2. aww, so cute! Book Week sounds like something we need in the U.S.

  3. Those kids of yours are delicious. And tell your son, that from an ex Army officer, he's got a very fine salute!

  4. I am going through the 'process' of dress up day this week Lou! What fun!! My youngest really really loves dress ups!