Monday, September 20, 2010

{A Cup of Wedded Bliss}



Recently I met a lovely lady who owned these gorgeous trios. I saw them sitting in the kitchen of an old church hall waiting, ready to be filled with hot tea, sugar and milk. I pulled out my phone camera and snapped away as their owner and I got to chatting.

What she explained to me is that trios like these were typical engagement and wedding gifts. How different from what is given nowadays don't you think and a world a way from the impersonal (though often very helpful) monetary gift giving. These gorgeous trios though have been and will continue to be cherished for a lifetime.


  1. Oh they are absolutely gorgeous!!
    I love, LOVE teacups, pretty little teacups & their matching mates.
    mmmm, made me smile.
    have a good day sweet Lou Lou

  2. My Mother is keeping this tradition alive for my niece [her granddaughter] giving her a trio for each birthday [she's turning 3 this year!] with the intention that they will make up a lovely 'crazy' set by the time she has her 13th birthday....hopefully with a high tea full of friends and wonderful female role-models.

    Felicity x

  3. So lovely Lou, I collect these too and I often wonder when I am using them who they belonged to originally. I think even today, like Gifts of Serendipity said the tradition could still be kept alive.

    x jeanette

  4. can't help but smile at these. Felicity & Jeaneteann, I love that you collect these. I also love the story about your daughter Felicity. I would love to share over on my facebook page.

  5. Oh so pretty ... I've never heard of "trios" before (I presume it's the teacup, saucer and dessert plate??) but I do have some lovely teacups from my grandmothers. Always adds a little something special to my day when I use them.

  6. Doreen....yes a trio is teacup, saucer and a cake/side plate. Isn't it great how in different parts of this world we have different names for things etc. Ahhh yes culture xx

  7. Dear Lou,
    Yes, these type of gifts today are unusual.
    I am sure that is why I love them so much
    because my late Nana gave me a set for
    each birthday once I got married. I love
    them all. Maybe the gift is one that keeps
    giving because that is the type of gift I
    would like to give most, the love of old
    beautiful things. Bye, Sue