Wednesday, October 13, 2010

{NEW ~ Vintage by Lou Lou ~ SHOP}


And now I can announce what this countdown fuss was all about :)

The day has arrived where the new Vintage by Lou Lou online shop is now "officially" open.

This is only phase one of what we have to offer all our gorgeous customers but in celebration of it (hence the balloons and the lovely Summery weather in the above image) we will be offering 25% off our entire range until the end of this month. Our postage is also no more than $10.00au to anywhere around this gorgeous country (Australia).

Join our facebook page for promotions and to find out about new pieces before they even make it into the shop.


Lou Lou xx


  1. Wow Lou, this sounds amazing will pop over and have a look..oh and not sure if your interested by the Antique Centre in Ipswich is on track to open in December and Heather will be advertising shortley for dealers and I thought of you xx Katherine

  2. Oh la la, what wonderful news! I've been dying of curiosity all week ... so happy for you.

  3. Fantastic news. You must be super excited to bring your idea to fruition. Congratulations Lou! x

  4. The new site looks great Lou - I just popped across and had a peep - I'll have to sit down and browse properly when I have a spare moment.

  5. Congratulations looks awesome...everything is just so super gorgeous!! You must be so star for you awesome job well done!! x

  6. Congrats doll!! that's great news. Looking forward to seeing what you've got to sell!

    (great to be back & reading your blog again!!)


  7. WOW ladies, thank you SO much for your beautiful words and support. I hope you all have a glorious weekend xo

  8. Congratuations on your new shop...I really love it. Your photos are divine as usual. I can't wait until next Monday!

  9. Thank you Michelle.....and yes definitely looking forward to a gorgeous sunny afternoon spent with you xo