Sunday, November 21, 2010

{It's beginning to feel a lot like....}


Christmas around here despite packing boxes and the house somewhat turned upside down in our preparation for the big move. I've still managed to arrange some baubles in a dish and just loved them on this aqua table.

I've also begun Christmas lists for all those important things from the "loosen you belt a few notches" family dinner to gifts. I've decided this year to have a Christmas Eve family get together rather than the big Christmas Lunch. It should be cooler then to enjoy ourselves more (I don't believe in air conditioning. Yikes some of you may say!!) and we can enjoy the new range of Vintage by Lou Lou scented soy candles (coming soon to the shop).

I am also envisioning some games time in the evening. Maybe the kids putting on a puppet show, charades, board games, good music, conversation and wine.

Have you begun making lists or perhaps you made yours months ago?


  1. I like baubles in bowls, infact I like baubles full stop, I can't get enough of them. I've just about finished decorating and Christmas present wrapping, so I will have lot's of rest before the onslaught, although I am making dolls bonnets by the dozen, selling on ebay.I know,I still havn't gotten around to Etsy but will in the New Year. Good luck with the move x Jeanette

  2. Sounds like an excellent idea, and that will give plently of family time with the kids on Christmas day too. Good luck with packing! :)

  3. Baubles in a bowl is always fab..I love the colours of yours...cheers Katherine xx

  4. very pretty! I just decorated like that this year as well! so simple and fabulous!

  5. So colourful, really love it!

  6. ooh yes, I am making my lists....and checking them twice.... this is the best time of year, family, friends, thanks, hope, good food, good conversation... simple joy!