Thursday, November 11, 2010

{Look who's coming to dinner...}


You may have heard but if you hadn't the one and only Jamie Oliver is visiting Ipswich, my home town in Australia for his Ministry of Food program.

I'm super excited, I won't lie. I happen to be a big fan. Something about the way he is passionate about his food.

And don't we just love what he stands for fighting for the health and future of our kids. This is one superhero for the next generation.


  1. I hope you can meet him, or see him in action! He is doing a wonderful job, and I admire him so much...shame America havent welcomed him so much!

  2. Oh you lucky ducky! If only he had come a year ago when I was still living near Browns Plains in Brissy.
    I love him too! Both my hubby and I do. He's awesome to watch and I love his passion for fresh, healthy and tasty.
    Hope you get to meet him.

  3. OH great you are sooooo lucky, I love him to bits and have a few of his books. I couldn't make Yorkshire pudding until I had his book and wow I make the best now. Mine always turned out like sponge cake before.xx

  4. Hi Lou I have to ask you who is the artist singing on your website. We have your blog on just to listen to it. I LOVE it. Michelle

  5. He will be based literally in the same location as the farmers and boutique market I do so very exciting times ladies :)

    Yorkshire Pudding at your place Jeanette. You name time and date and I'll be there xx

    Michelle this is one of my all time fave artists Jason Mraz with Colbie Caillat in "Lucky" -

  6. and he is a cutie too so that helps :)