Wednesday, December 1, 2010

{In the Middle}

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So currently we're right in the middle of the BIG MOVE. Boxes are everywhere, the standard calls (and holding on line for the next customer service officer to take my call) to Electricity and Phone companies have been made, our current house has everything (ornaments, books, framed prints etc) removed from where they once lived...the things that changed it from house to a home.

Ahh yes I will be sad to move from here tomorrow. Last night I couldn't get to sleep for a while and tossed and turned restlessly. I am a Taurean and I think a typical one at that....we love our home and we dislike change to point we often fight it subconciously. But our new house will be a wonderful place, I'm excited to be going to live there. And I'm really looking forward to Christmas and a chance to finally slow down for a while. A perfect opportunity to potter around in the garden and introduce some new hens I think.


  1. It will be so exciting to be in a new home. New walls to paint and gardens to plant. We have been where we are for nearly 10 years i can't believe it really. Can't wait to see some pics, cheers Katherine

  2. Looking forward to seeing pics Lou!

  3. Think of all the great opportunities to come lou...this is a great step! Michelle

  4. how exciting, a lovely new home to decorate for Christmas. Love the vintage pic too Lou. Happy move xx Jeanette
    ps thankyou for the little pink basket, what a surprise it's just perfect and beautifully packed.