Friday, December 10, 2010

{Your chance to meet a Star in the Making}

Narnia Star Arabella Morton with agent Natalie Hall and mum Samantha Morton

One of my not so secret passions in life is film and acting so when I recently saw that one of Ipswich's local talents Arabella Morton who is all of 10 years old is part of the next instalment in The Chronicles of Narnia (her character is Gael), I was thrilled.

I remember back to when I would have been her age and was always dreaming of walking the red carpet and I just love this photo of her here with her mum and agent at the London premiere with her obvious excitement (I mean what 10 year old girl, or almost 29 year old woman wouldn't be, hehe.)

If you would love to see this film, Arabella will be signing autographs at the Ipswich Cinema this Sunday at 3pm ahead of the 4pm screening with proceeds supporting Camp Quality.

Definitely something to add to the school holiday "To Do" list.

Have a gorgeous weekend all xx

Image from the Ipswich News newspaper.


  1. Hi Lou, I have been having a bit of a computer break butwanted to say Congrats on the new shop. Very exciting. So many great new things happening in Ipswich xx katherine

  2. Hello Katherine,

    Thank you so much for your congratulations my dear :)

    It has been such a wonderful experience and I'm really looking forward to how it will grow and develop next year....plenty of ideas on the drawing board. Will have an official launch early next year and would love for you to be there.

    Lou xx