Tuesday, January 25, 2011

{Happy Australia Day}




Whether you're beside the pool, at the beach or having a barb-e-que with the family, I hope you're all having a happy and safe Australia Day.

Lou x

P.S. We found Australian Flags in our letter box this morning...what a perfect way for the community to celebrate.


  1. Wow, what a wonderful way to start and then celebrate the day.
    This is a terrific act of thoughtfulness and generosity from someone in your neighbourhood - something to truly lift the spirits and fill the heart with pride.

    Felicity x

    PS Loving the third image particularly - sunshine, green grass and flags = Happy Australia Day!

  2. Wow how kind of someone to pop an Aussie flag in your mailbox... I love reading your blogs it's lovely... You show the 'better parts of Ipswich', I know they do exist!! x

  3. What a nice neighbourly thing to do! There are some really nice aussies out there aren't there? Lovely images.
    Pam x

  4. Thats good. It's nice to be proud to be
    an Australian. Our Adelaide Advertiser
    Newspaper were giving them away with a
    token. Maybe like me they didn't get
    around to pick them up from the newsagency?
    Good way to put them to good use!
    Hope you and all your family enjoy your
    Australia Day. We all know how lucky we
    Lots of Love,

  5. What a fantastic idea! Great images, especially the last one.

    Happy Ostrayan Day to you too Lou!

  6. Great idea. I have a couple of Aussie flags from when we became Aussies finally last year

    Happy Australia Day to you all x

  7. that is so sweet - the flags - what a great way to share the pride in Aust - best le