Sunday, January 16, 2011

{A Sense of the Norm}


It is the beginning of a new working week with people returning back to work today after last week's floods. To me that is a sense of things returning to normal though I know others must feel so far away from that word at the moment.

I am also one of those people back at work so I have decided amongst other ways, I want to contribute 10% of my sales to the Premier's Flood Relief Appeal right up until the end of February 2011 to help other's begin to have a "sense of the norm" too.

I also want to say a huge thank you to all those who emailed and left messages below. It meant a great deal to me to have your support. We were the lucky ones and this is why I find it really important to help where I can.

Lou x


  1. Welcome back Lou
    I will just check out your shop to see if there is something to tempt me (as if there wouldn't be) there is always nice things. xx

  2. Hi Louisa,
    I'm with you on things returning to norm, I feel the same. Great initiative you have in helping out. Everyone is just so generous in spirit and that is the good that has shone through in this shocking event. x

  3. There's a long road ahead for so many people but I have been so amazed by the wonderful acts of generosity in the community. It's fantastic. Have a great week x
    ps it was really hot here yesterday and even though it wasn't burning, the scent from the candle you sent me was really apparent and very beautiful :)

  4. Great you are back a work Lou hope you have a good week.

  5. I know we take it for granted ordinarily but things like staples not on the shelves in our supermarkets feels strangely eerie so when things like this return to normal it made me feel much more comfortable. Just like the people in their cars on the way to work. It goes to show that we are strong and life will go on because if those who were ok crumbled how are we at all able to help those who need it now. I absolutely admire the human race with how we have supported each other through this time. From this blog community there has been so many who are doing what they can to help out and that is just incredible xoxo