Sunday, January 9, 2011

{So My Dear Friends...}


or so that is how my first Newsletter began this January dear blog friends. This year in 2011 I have decided to keep a record on making Harlin House a Home and to share this with you all. I also want to be able to share ideas on Vintage Lifestyle and Living. I want to step back from the busyness of our modern lives and embrace a time where things were slower and we had the time to appreciate the smaller things. There will also be tips and hints, recipes, what's on and anything else I feel is relevant at the time.

I would also like to say a HUGE thank you to all those who've given me such wonderful feedback on it already.

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Here is a snippet from the newsletter on a great holiday idea for the kids...

{Holiday Project ~ Peg Dolls}


Clothes Peg Dolls are one of those things that are so enjoyable to make and what is wonderful about them is they can be made by kids to the well-experienced crafter. And each clothes peg doll seems to have its own character and personality, which is what I love about them.

With the school holidays well and truly upon us it’s nice to have little projects like this for the kids to be able to do and to keep their active minds content and a sense of achievement felt on completing these cute little dolls (I even had David asking me to make these dolls).

With their history extending most likely from the Victorian era for those unable to afford expensive dolls for their children and needing to be resourceful with what they had, these little dolls are perfect for imagination play for kids too today.

We can have Kings and Queens, Gypsy Families, Circus Folk and so many more colourful characters to be made from these favourite Pegs Dolls. Let your imagination run wild.


What you will need for your Peg Dolls –

· Old fashioned style of clothes pegs

· Felt tip pens or acrylic paints and paintbrushes

· Variety of different fabrics (great for leftovers and cut off pieces from other projects that may ordinarily have little use)

· PVA glue and a paint brush

· Other embellishments such as beads, sequins, ribbons if desired etc

· Glue Gun if required

1. With your clothes pegs use either paint or felt tip pens to draw/paint on their face, hair and even shoes if you wish. For kids I suggest the felt tip pens as it’s easier for them to create this detail and less messy to clean up afterwards. (Note that the felt tips will slightly bleed into the wood of the peg and will leave a matte finish).

2. The fun bit is then selecting how you want to dress your peg doll. Play around with a few different fabrics in putting them together to see what works. Half circle shapes make great skirts.

3. Once you’ve decided what you want and have cut out your fabric shapes this is where the pva glue comes into play. When I use PVA I apply it directly to the fabric and place the fabric on the peg in the desired position. The great thing with PVA is it dries clear but be sure to have clean hands when using it.

4. Once this has dried you can now go back and add embellishments if desired. PVA glue is still fine for ribbons and sequins but for anything heavier such as beads I suggest a Glue Gun. Remember kids you will need to have supervision from an adult for this.

5. Now play to your hearts content and travel to unexplored lands and kingdoms with your peg dolls. The fantastic thing about peg dolls is they are inexpensive and easy to make and there is no need to be precious with them. They can be kept in pockets, rolled on, sat on and therefore once again definitely ideal for kids


(Peg dolls on the run as they escape across the laundry basket. Yes they have ignored their mother and have decided that a day playing sounds like much more fun).


  1. So cute, and I really am looking forward to seeing your new home xx jeanette

  2. Hi Lou. Happy New Year and I look forward to following Harlin House. xx

  3. Nice Blog- lots of great ideas.
    Just wondered if you fancied a look at a jointed, poseable figure I recently made from a peg;

  4. Hey Lou, thinking of you at this time....hope you and the family are safe and dry xxx katherine