Tuesday, February 1, 2011

{If CWA and Etsy were to meet...}


Last night was my first Tuesday Kitchen Club organised by the gorgeous Thea from Beautiful Day. And like my title suggests I think if CWA and Etsy (the craft making side of it all) were to meet, they would have a baby and this would be it.

So we are a bunch of ladies of all ages who sit around drinking copious amount of tea, eating homemade goodness (marshmallow slice last night or fruit mince tarts with little pastry foxes just for a start) and whipping up all these wonderful craft creations.

Last nights was Name Badge making. I think everyone else had theirs finished but I ended taking mine home and to poor lighting and the film Paris Je T'Aime I ended up coming up with this uhmmm, creation. Hehe I love it though it's kinda in your face with the little pom poms but I guess maybe that is just my innerscape jumping out and sitting on my chest for kitchen club forever more.

You know what I loved most about it? That I didn't have to organise one little thing. Just turned up and had a wonderful, fun girls night out and because I organise quite a few little things here and there, it really was just bliss.

Now stay tuned as I post the winner for our candle give away later this evening.


  1. Hi Lou,
    How Sweet is it, especially the pom
    pom trim! Nice just to give it a go
    and see what you can create.
    A one of a kind!
    Sounds like a great, fun, productive
    night out. Maybe Etsy is todays CWA?
    Showing our goodies off in the cyber
    xO Sue

  2. What an excellent title - it does conjure a match made in heaven! :)
    Your evening sounded lovely, and I like your badge. It's uniquely you. I like the little horse and pom poms.

  3. Your badge is great! I love the pom poms and the 'in your face' look. It's so much fun! x

  4. lovely badge Lou, really wish I was closer, this sounds like a wonderful group to be a part of!

  5. Hi Lou, The colours you chose for your badge are stunning. A job well done and the group sounds like a lot of fun.

    Take care, Pam x

  6. Thank you so much ladies :)
    I took so long because everyone else seemed with ease to choose their colours. But me I am always going backwards and forwards trying to make the best colour match hehe.
    And once I was home everything seemed to come together with ease.
    Of course it features vintage fabric and the little horse is vintage too. In fact I have quite a few of them and I'm not even sure what they're for/from? There is also a few scotty dogs. Anyone else know what they might be for?
    I need to go back and just glue edges properly but overall I'm happy with it. A pic of me wearing it at the next Kitchen Club I think is what's called for xo