Wednesday, February 2, 2011

{A little more Paris Je T'Aime & our Give Away Winner}

What could be more exciting really? I love to be able to give things I adore to others (a bit like Oprah's Favourite things but on a much ~hehe~ smaller scale).

So for January's give away of one of our gorgeous candles I would love to congratulate Brenda from Mira Narnie (worth stopping by her gorgeous blog if you haven't already). Brenda chose Lemon Biscotti which has been really popular and fills the air with this lovely buttery biscuit scent and tart undertones. Mmm just delicious.

We will have February's give away ready very soon so as always another chance for you all to be part of that too.

And now maybe I will finish watching Paris Je T'Aime. For some reason I always begin this film and never quite finish it. I think because it has something to do with being a whole lot of short films put together and then life distracts me. But short films on what better topic than L O V E.

Night Night all. And I really hope that those in North QLD stay safe this evening. My fingers are crossed for them xx


  1. Lucky Brenda :)
    I loved Paris je T'aime but yes, it is easier to stop ang get distracted when they're short movies. I haven't watched it in a while so should dig it out.

  2. Yes Sarah....I think the one that touches me the most (and probably being a mother) is the cowboy one with Juliette Binoche x

  3. Thankyou so much lovely Lou for this fab giveaway!! I'm am thrilled! I'm off to check out more of that movie you're talking about - any movie filled with love, romance or a french setting or title for that matter will have me hooked! have a blissful day xx

  4. Hi Lou, congrats to Brenda. I just cant believe the North QLD situation......what next for QLD?