Sunday, March 20, 2011

{ The Prince & I }

Dear friends,

First of all it has been too long. So much happening in this world I think I went into hiding. But that is no way to live even if life does bring such turmoil. There is always something wonderful, beautiful to be found....always. And I know this topic alone could take an entire blog or more but let me say quickly I think it may be in times such as these that we are meant to seek that which is most important to us and brings us true joy. Ok, that is all regarding that.

A sign we walked past on the way to the it!!

Today we had the wonderful experience in seeing Prince William. Not by accident of course. I figure if royalty is visiting your town that you clear the diary. And naturally I was running on reliable "Lou Time" which means arriving oh, only a couple of minutes before him so you have to park a good km away and walk/run to your destination.

Lily's sign that I helped her with and quite possibly the reason why we were late

David in his prime viewing position

And so because we were late we decided to stand at the front and managed to find a perfect gap to wait for him (everyone else was squeezed in at the top close to the venue, West Moreton Anglican College). Once the motorcade came through with police on bikes we new it wouldn't be too long. As the first official car came through I'm unsophisticatedly gazing through the windows (let's not mention red faced from the 1km walk, makeup sliding off and hair falling out of the "do"). But of course Prince Will is there and I'm waving excitedly at him. And yes, he waved right back at me. Goodness me the inner teenager jumped right on out.

I just adored this lady patiently waiting. Love how her outfit matched the flags.

We moved up closer to the venue so we could catch a glimpse of him on his way out. We were surrounded by a lot of English born supporters, families wanting to make the most of this once in a life time opportunity, young women, elderly women, royalists and more all vying for a wave, a smile in our direction.

My first proper glimpse of Prince Will, obviously enjoying himself

What was very clear was how jubilant everyone was from this visit. Once he left the building Anna Bligh's face was beaming as she walked beside him. At one stage our Mayor Paul Pissale was in an intimate discussion with him, all the while William with complete concentration, giving him all of his attention in that moment.

Deep in discussion with our Mayor. Not the best shot of this but the one that didn't just show the back of Paul Pissale's head.

And naturally, he turns and gives us all a wave and smile (Prince Charming, I say!!). I'm not sure if we cheered. I'm certain we probably did. I know we were all smiling back at him. I think I may have kicked my heels together...mentally as I was bogged in mud at that stage (did I mention I considered wearing gumboots ~for a fleeting second~ but decided that probably wasn't quite the right foot attire, oh hehehaha).

And our wave before he hopped in his car to leave.

I don't think I have felt more patriotic in that moment but also a real connection with England, the "Motherland". There were British and Australian flags flying together and it really brought it home to me as to where those roots were born from.

Lily being carried because of her "sore, tired" feet

And as Prince William's motorcade made its way to the people of Grantham, we made our way indelicately back to the car. The sky was quite moody but only made the green of the grass, bushes and trees more striking. It really was a beautiful walk. By this stage kids shoes had come off and piggy backs of sorts were happening.

My son the champion, carrying his shoes, Lily's shoes and my handbag AND almost back at the car!!

Was the Prince's visit worthwhile? 100% Absolutely. When you see people who have lost everything in a complete state of shock and horror only a month or more ago and then to have complete joy in their eyes to see William visiting them, listening to their stories, empathising with their grief, gives them hope and the will to continue.

Have a wonderful week all xo


  1. A fabulous post and I am sooo glad that you grabbed this opportunity to see a real prince! Makes you go weak at the knees kind of stuff. Lucky you!

    Have a great week.
    Pam x

  2. Such good photos Lou. I loved every single one of them! You captured the atmosphere and excitement perfectly.
    He's such a nice guy. Both the princes seem to be. I'm sure their mother would be so proud of them both.
    I hope Will's visit to Qld picks up everyone so that they can keep trudging forward in the recovery effort.

  3. What a great post and pics of Prince Charming. How exciting! I remember seeing the Queen when I was young and I was sure she waved at me! Will seems to be a very genuine person, someone his Mother would have been very proud of.
    Thanks for sharing.
    ps is that a LV speedy I spy?

  4. My absolute favourite picture is the one of Lily getting carried. So sweet.

  5. Wow, you seemed so close to the Prince!! I didn't get to see him in Toowoomba.. But thank you for the photos made me feel like I was there in Ipswich getting waved at!!!

  6. How thrilling! I just can't believe he's grown and getting married already. He was the most adorable chubby little baby. Very excited about the wedding...Who doesn't love a Royal extravaganza?
    Many thanks for your visits and kind words.

  7. Love your photos! How exciting is that, I don't think I've seen him yet, But we may be doing a big Vintage Tea party in our local hall to celebrate his wedding to kate M.
    Great to discover you and am now following.

  8. What a lovely time you had, all you Queenslanders deserve it after what you have been through, He is lovely just like his mother. I think he will make a wonderful King too. Who wants a republic? not me that's for sure. xx

  9. Such a sweet story! Thank you for sharing such JOY! Your images are lovely .xoxox hugs.