Wednesday, April 13, 2011

{The New Chanel Commercial....}

What are we thinking of the new Chanel commercial starring Miss Knightley?

Do we like it (how could you not I'm thinking?). And do we prefer it over the Nicole Chanel commercial?

I've included both for you to decide.



  1. Wow! I could not stop watching. Love the colors, style and mood of the Kira ad. The props are fantastic!

  2. Oh how I love Keira Knightly ever since she bent it like Beckham hehe.

    She oozes glamour and style but then again I think Nicole does too.

    So I guess I love them both.


  3. Hmm, yes, very nice though I think I have to stick with the Nicole version. More romantic :)

  4. Love your thoughts ladies....I prefer the Nic version but then I'm a sucker for impossible love stories. Keira is for the very young market and though sleek and ultra sexy I am a grandma when it comes to these things and therefore doesn't connect with me in the same way xo But in saying this, both very beautiful xo

  5. I prefer the NK one hands down! So Moulin Rouge and romantic!