Sunday, April 17, 2011

{A Simple Pleasure...}


I am currently washing my vintage linens & blankets and though not half way through them all I am really admiring them together as the clean pile grows. All of the above has been sourced primarily from one of my favourite past times (you got that right, op shopping). They look wonderful being put together mismatched on a bed or however else you choose to use them.

What simple things do you take pleasure in?


  1. My simple pleasre is thrifting full stop. The thrill of rummaging through preloved treasures - ah!!
    There is nothing more appealing or homely than a bed made with miss matched bedding and yours are gorgeous :)

  2. love your vintage linen pile.. it sounds a bit weird but i sometimes love the look of the washing on the line with the combination of colours and shapes.
    cheryl x

  3. Tammi, I hear ya girl :)

    And Cheryl, funny for you to say that because I have just been looking at the different colours on my line under the house (raining here) today and how they were randomly placed beside of each other........xx

  4. Aw what a lovely vintage pile!! Strange occurance yesterday as I was driving through Ipswich, I am 99% sure I passed your house? Does it have a sign out the front? xx

  5. Lovely stash, us vintage opshoppers think alike.

    A dear friend who cannot quite understand it said to me at the weekend, I thought we would buy you some matching glasses for Christmas last year, but I see you bought some. The ones she was referring to was my pink French one's (I have 6) She could not believe I actually had a full set of something, although I have had them for more years than I can remember but hadn't used them when they come over. She is a dear friend and would never have meant to be rude or anything but doesn't understand us mismatchers.
    Your stash is lovely. Who wants to be matching and boring, not us heh xx

  6. Thanks so much for dropping by my blog Louisa. I had to laugh at your expression 'standard human size' - usually referred to by miniaturists as 1:1 but I think I just might adopt your phrase from now on, it's much more expressive :)

    I love these quilts, as well as recreating vintage style in miniature it's my favourite in real life too. We have a little cottage in New Zealand which is furnished with all kinds of vintage bits and pieces. There are some pics on my blog label "Real world cottage".

  7. I'm envious. I need some vintage linens ;)

  8. Yummy...I see a quilted fabric down near the bottom that has a sort of Cath Kidston look to it that is SO sweet. I love the simple pleasures too.

    My excitement for the day: I met a little lady that runs an antique store that perked up when she saw how much I adored her shop. She asked if I would like to come with her to look through some things before she did an estate sale!!! Ummmm.....yes!!! Off to get to get my digging clothes on. Have a great week.

  9. Love your linen stack, it is something I would take a photo of too! xx