Tuesday, May 17, 2011

{Queen of Comfort....Or?)


At the moment I am collecting all things that inspire me in the way of fashion...a little project I have coming up this Spring. I came across this image of Nicole (and though it doesn't say Spring, it definitely says me all over it!!) and fell instantly in love. What inspires you about fashion? Do you look for comfort and are you willing to forgo that as long as you're looking smokin' hot? I know when I am home comfort is all I care for but when I go out I am only comfortable if I take care in how I dress. Would love to hear your thoughts ladies....and any gents out there xo


  1. I love this picture! I am totally with you, when I'm at home all I care about is comfort! And when going out I tend to pick something which i am comfortable wearing, even if it's not particularly comfortable - if you see what I mean.. haha. x

  2. Absolutely comfort at home - all the way. I'd be in my PJ's all day if I could. Going out I like to look nice and sometimes sacrifice a tiny bit of comfort to look good - but only a bit. Comfort is still important.

  3. I absolutely adore everything about this picture. I love the chair, blouse, skirt, necklace, and pendant. Brilliant! And inspiring.

    Fashion at home? I'm a PJ girl but I always (unless I'm sick) fix my hair, teeth, make-up.