Tuesday, May 17, 2011

{Time to Smell the Roses}



Good morning all. I've been up early, washing on and pottering away in my studio. As I speak Leroy my dog is running back and forwards barking oh so importantly and pretending to be tough as he sees walkers by (my studio space is attached to our verandah which he's running out onto.) I've just been told it's too chilly to have the doors open but I'm sitting here all rugged up and I think it's nice and fresh. Anyhow I'll be working out there shortly as I begin to take photos of new stock :)

So amongst my pottering this morning I trimmed these roses and placed them in an old blue glass bottle. This is what I'll be admiring in my studio space as I work away today. I've also attached a photo of Miss Lily at Easter time smelling the roses...an absolute modern day princess complete with tough sticker.

I hope you're all having a gorgeous day and making the most of it.

Lou xo


  1. Having a vase of roses by my creative space would give me the inspiration I need to get some projects complete...alas I am lacking in motivation at the moment.

    Gorgeous pics...I love that Miss Lily is a moderen day princess :)

  2. You captured two wonderful moments. Really great colors, too.