Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Monthly Painter's Challenge ~ Light

Image by Louisa Janke

Recently I was invited to be part of a "Monthly Painter's Challenge" group on Facebook where each month we are presented with a new topic to interpret. For the month of May it was "Light" and today we had our big reveal. Ok so my interpretation lead me down the photographic path rather than the typical paintbrush and canvass direction but was allowable and I was very grateful for. So here I feel I've presented something a little more abstract and contemporary than what I normally would with found glass objects to capture "light".

Visit us on facebook to see how the other participants approached the topic. I think they have all done really well and I'm so impressed...congratulations ladies and thank you so much Tracey Potter for developing this incredible group.


  1. I really love your piece! Your interpretation is brilliant. You have an amazing ability at arrangment, colour and composition. I'm so glad you are a part of the group, your work is inspiring and beautiful.

  2. Your image is amazing, it's almost like your bottles are reflected in water.

  3. It's really lovely. Sometimes it's amazing what difference a great angle makes too. Love the colours and freshness :)