Monday, June 13, 2011

Rugging Up This Winter

Cate's take on Rugging Up

In my previous post (and by the way I have my appetite back which makes me think I'm truly on the mend) I mentioned how we have decided to give "heating" a miss this year. I'm pretty certain if we were in a colder climate this would be miserable. The difference I feel in QLD though is our homes are made for the heat and not for the cold and therefore we truly feel Winter. There were a couple of factors behind this decision however. First of all I'm trying to minimise our carbon footprint and secondly I am curious as to how low we can keep our electricity bill as costs in general keep rising (which from memory was just below $200 for this last quarter).

So how do we do it? Layers, plenty of lovely layers to keep us warm. This includes thermals, thick socks, ugg boots around the house, and plenty of outer layers. Put more on if you need it, take it off if you don't. Plenty of warm tea helps also or cocoa for the kids and moments in the sun when it decides to come out. In the evenings when we're on the couch, we are snuggled up under a warm duvet together watching maybe a movie or playing a game. Sometimes I do wish we had that fire place but that's more for the ambiance factor rather than for its heat...though that'd be nice too.


  1. You are brave people! I'm sure you're keeping warm with the layers though.
    I have to say, the granny rug should stay on the couch and not on Cate. What was she thinking?

  2. Rather you than me Lou. Although we don't put the heat on during the day, we love the gas coal look fire we have, its like the real thing, and not too expensive to run, and as we have fireplaces we didn't have to put in a flu. Really glad you are on the mend though. Keep up the warm clothing. xx
    ps I bet she has a cold shoulder.

  3. Oh yes...I much prefer to rug up with layers too than to use the heater...although I do admit to loving an open fire which I grew up with.

  4. Hi Louisa, Lovely blog and very interesting. Cant get over Cate's dress. Umm, strange but interesting! Very excited to be the 8th member of the Monthly Painter's Challenge!
    Thank you so much,
    Cathryn Backer