Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Tree

About 40 minutes away from us out west (Kalbar) there is "The Tree", where they filmed the 2010 closing film for Cannes of the same name. This morning I have been watching it, inspired. This landscape is hauntingly beautiful and if you have ever taken a drive out that way (in fact you may have even driven past "The Tree") you know what I'm speaking of and perfect for the tone of the film which touches on magic.

Beautiful and talented French actress Charlotte Gainsbourg plays a mother with four incredible young Australian actors as her kids who experience grief together in this somewhat disjointed family. I love this film for the natural delivery of the characters to the set design (green, olive and red featured throughout the whole film complimenting this Australian landscape). It's definitely worth hiring for a movie night in if your wandering what to get out.

By the way, they searched far and wide for the perfect tree...


  1. wow, what a lovely film trailer. I can see why you are inspired, the lighting, colours and spirit of the film seems wonderful. Did you hire the video from your local video store?

  2. Mum hired it form the video store...and that is what I was watching while eating (re: fb update) those homebacked peanut butter cookies...

  3. Reminds me a little of Picnic at Hanging Rock.