Monday, August 8, 2011

{Keeping it Local & Keeping it Fresh}


This afternoon I'm enjoying the simplicity of a bowl of strawberries. A chap was walking through town selling them while I was there and I grabbed a large punnet. How great to directly support the livelihood of a local grower/seller. I also loved the excitement in a little girl's face when she pulled out a giant strawberry that was as big as her hand.


Speaking of buying direct from farmer to customer, I'm really wanting to take a Sunday drive to Waywillanwy Farm near Boonah to an Organic Market they have from their shed. I don't think you could get any fresher or better than that.

Where do you buy your fresh produce, meat, or even dairy from? Perhaps it's a local farmer's market or you are fortunate enough to live near growers. And I love this idea, what about sharing produce with neighbours that you might grow in your back yards, just like our grandparents used to do. I would love to know where your produce comes from and I think it's wonderful to be able to share this information.

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    Dairy, meat, veges delivered to the door
    Supplied and organised by the growers
    Support for farmers that avoids the supermarket

    1300 milkman

  2. Hi Margaret :)

    Thanks for the suggestion and I will definitely check it out. There is also another website (will think on what it's called) which promotes buying locally from farmers too. I think there is a local drop off point where you pick it up from though rather than being delivered to your door.

    Love this blog I stumbled across today about a family growing their own veggie patch....looks lovely ~

    Lou x

  3. Such beautiful photos - and that organic farm looks it far from your place??

    isn't it lovely to show our kids the alternative to supermarket mass-produced shopping....

    melissa- miss sew & so....

  4. I second Melissa - the shed looks cool. I share a vege garden with my next door neighbours and we have the YUMMIEST tomatoes. I have apple trees and plum trees and cherry trees. The best thing about all that is how it helps the kids learn about the seasons. Cherries are for May (here) Figs for September and Pumpkins October… Love living like this. There is an organic pig farm that I run through down the road and lots of local produce. It's one of the benefits of the South of France… But those QLD mangoes/pineapples and avos… Well, I really miss them!!

    Lovely checking out how you live. Thanks bringing me home a bit :)

  5. Thanks so much for stopping by at my blog. Our house seems to be flooded with light all of a sudden! Our next door neighbour has an apple tree in their front garden and they reminded us this morning that we are welcome to help ourselves to the apples - I think there are approx 500 on the tree so there are plenty to keep us all going. x

  6. Thank you so much for sharing ladies....everything you have written is rich in fruity delights. I love hearing about fruit trees, helping ourselves to our neighbours apples and telling the seasons by the fresh fruit and veg that is growing around us.

    Melissa, the farm is about an hour away for us...which makes for a perfect Sunday drive :)