Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cookies & Milk


There is nothing better than some homemade cookies (or bikkies as my daughter likes to remind me) dunked in to a glass of cold milk. Yes sireee this is what I enjoyed for my little lunch today (what we used to call morning tea in school) after a successful morning at some of my favourite shops. What simple pleasures are just the best to you?


  1. That looks delicious; but honestly a cup of coffee in peace (that's on my own!!) with a book or magazine is my simple pleasure. x

  2. That one's hard to beat, but cup of tea in a real tea cup with my bikkies, xx

  3. Well, We have started having dessert on Sunday night to make our family dinner that much more enjoyable. When I saw these on your blog I knew we'd be putting them into the rotation.
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