Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Halloween "What to Wear" Dilemma of a Little Girl


This year I've noticed more available in the shop for Halloween to entice the kids. And I love Halloween. Always have and always will even if it has traditionally not been an Australian thing. I think it has something to do with any chance to play dress ups is a good thing and I admit I do enjoy a little scare factor (yes this nice vintage girl enjoys watching Horror flicks for example). But the sparkling, cheap fabric in the costumes at the shops have caught Lily's eye. Oh where is the true pleasure of putting something together (not to mention much more interesting) in the face of cheap, boring, eco un-friendly costumes, props and nick nacks.

I have photos (must try and fish those out again) as a girl standing around a fire in my scarecrow outfit roasting marshmallows. I probably thought that idea up on the day but that was all part of the fun. It included straw protruding from the belly (which mind you was stuffed with a cushion) of my check flannelette shirt and cute pigtails from under my flippy floppy hat. Yep, I was pretty much into raiding the cupboards at home and being as authentic as possible. Okay so one of my brothers may have wrapped a sheet around himself to suffice as Casper the friendly neighbourhood ghost but I'm pretty certain in his own mind he rocked the house. The point is it was all about imagination, being creative and coming up with these ideas ourself. And yes my dear Miss Lily, you will have to go to your own cupboard and become creative because well, it's more fun and fantastic that way on more than one level.

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  1. After reading my American and Canadian blogging friends blogs on the way they dress up everything, including most rooms in their houses for Halloween,even their gardens. I went to the shops looking for little pumpkins to spray white with silver dust like one of the USA friends has done. To no avail,nothing here. It seems it's only tacky stuff for kids dressing up. I think it's a good idea of yours to let your children use their own imagination and make their own. I think it is getting bigger here than in past years though,but certainly not like the Americans.