Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Humble French Baguette


Last night tucked up in bed alone, (Phill is currently touring NZ and falling in love with its landscape despite all the rain), I ended up falling asleep to a documentary series on the great cities of the world. Episode two was all about Paris (naturally!!) and I found it fascinating that as human beings who inhabit most areas of this incredible planet, our culture played an important role on the quality of our lifestyle.

It is evident that Parisian's are lovers of life and only ever expect the very best, from the preservation of their beautiful city to the morsels of food in which they devour (with effortless style and class, always!!). When it comes to the food it is never about the quantity either but the quality (the secret of the French Woman's slim figure is "small" portion sizes and not fat content).

What I sunk my teeth into though was that 70% of bread consumed in France is baked fresh from the bakery (not the sad pre-sliced loaves we get from the supermarket aisle for a dollar) unlike England at 3%!!! It does make me curious as to where Australia sits in the whole scheme of things and what value we place in our culture on a seemingly simple thing as "bread".

When I do think of the large factories producing our loaves of bread, I cannot be certain on all the ingredients that go into them (diagnosing what all the numbers on the label are can do my head in) but the ingredients in the Humble French Baguette is simply as follows:


And I am most certain love. Okay so perhaps Hollywood may have a role to play in my sappiness here but....I am yet to read that on the back of a loaf of bread here and in France I am certain you can taste that very ingredient with each bite. I do enjoy making goals each year (vision boards are all part of my process), but perhaps if I just remember that life can be that humble loaf, simple, reliable yet utterly enjoyable and overall loved.

And how about a little more of working to live rather than living to work. Otherwise life may end up looking like the pre-sliced dollar variety, and my taste buds are begging for more than that.

What are your goals/resolutions for 2012?

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  1. loved this post - so true :) we over complicate things ... even bread !! happiest 2012 Lou - best le xox