Monday, January 23, 2012

Vintage Manners: Is Chivalry Lost? ~ Day 24


It's yesterday afternoon in Serendipity while I'm putting final touches to the makeup and re-doing the "do" when from out of nowhere it seems, there is a terrential like downpour outside. Certainly not ideal you see, as I was expecting a photographer from a local paper doing a write up on our book club to arrive any minute for some shots.

Being all glammed up and now ready waiting, I stood in the doorway looking concernedly at the signs we put out each day. It was about this time that gale force winds tear one sign from its post, the other undone but still braced against it. So wearing a white top I had little choice but to make a mad dash out and save our signs (not a brolly or raincoat in site I'm afraid). As soon as I stepped out I was immediately drenched right through. No time to concern myself with feeling sorry for myself though, I had signs to save.

As I'm running down the street after the sign, I slow down once I'm almost on top of it and ready to pounce but it continues to skip along the street as if playing some cheeky little game with me. Now I do this for a bit which makes me look quite riduculous I'm sure (I am probably feeling sorry for myself about now) but eventually the sign is rounded up and I go for its partner which decides to play nice.

What I have failed to mention to this point is that directly across the road while this display is happening, and safely protected from the downpour under a shop awning, stands a man, just watching. Right in front of our shop another pulls up in his car, and just sits there. I make a mad dash into the shop to see what I can rectify of what is now mascara smudged cheeks and a drowned rat look only to see that I look like some scary participant from a wet tshirt competition. Not exactly the image I'm wanting to portray for the Serendipity Book Club.

Shortly after the man sitting in the car braves the rain and ducks into the shop. To check on me? To see if all is okay? Could he help perhaps? No, I'm afraid not but "did I have an umbrella to protect his expensive camera?" Yes, that's right, he was the expected photographer.

So now it begs the question of where have our knights in shining armor dissappered too? Is chivalry in general lost and gone for good? There are men I know personally who would have helped hands down but I have a feeling that chivalry could be on the out ladies. Should good manners be added to the school curriculum or perhaps have we killed it by opening our own car doors? Love to hear your thought ladies and gents xx


  1. It seems that I am lucky to have found one of the last remaining chilvalrous gentlemen, so I married him! But you are right Lou, these lovely beings are few and far between. I did have one lovely old gent carry my groceries to the car for me not long ago but then discovered that he only carried them because he thought I was pregnant...which I was not...

  2. Oh, funny story Miss Kyla (though you may not be laughing, I realise but you always write with humor). Perhaps we could do the school for gents on the corner ellenborough/brisbane st intersection when they stop at the lights?

  3. Oh dear, had to chuckle at Kyla's story.
    I love a little chivalry and yes, perhaps it should be taught at school along with general good manners.
    I hope you came up with a good retort when that pesky photographer asked for a umbrella.