Saturday, January 14, 2012

Food That's Like a Big Old Hug ~ Day 14


There is something wonderful about the experience of cooking.  I do not profess to be amazing at it but when you get it right, those flavours, they are dancing on your tongue, tantalising the tastebuds and all is good and right in that moment.

Tonight we were all in the kitchen making pasta for dinner.  The grinding of the mortar and pestle, aroma of the fresh herbs wafting up from the chopping board and the occasional sip of wine from a glass between the tasting of the sauce is all part of the experience.


In that moment it reminded me of Jamie's Great Britain series which finished last night on channel 10.  For David's last birthday I was very close to buying him Jamie's Great Britain cookbook as I was very much drawn to the exciting photography and intriguing recipe's capturing his homeland. 

Instead I purchased Jamie's 30 Minute Meals (yes we are slightly addicted to him in this household) but I am now going back to the bookstore for this story filled cookbook of Britain's food, filled with rich history and origins from travellers near and afar who visited England many hundreds of years ago to more recent times.


Before I go back to finishing that glass of wine, the video below provides a snippet of what to expect from this great series.  Enjoy your meal xo 

PS What I also love about Jamie's Great Britain is the presentation of rustic English food on vintage platers and the like.  It really is a feast for the eyes.


  1. There is something lovely about cooking, especially using fresh herbs! Thanks for sharing a bit of your evening with us. I hope you enjoyed your meal xx

  2. Hi Lou, yes isn't Jamie gorgeous. I have 2 of his books but not the latest. I cannot get my hubby to watch his shows.He's not interested in cooking, so I miss out,as we only have one telly. I suppose I could insist,but hey I get to watch Nigella and a few others so can't be too pushy. :)

    Thanks for your visit to my blog and your kind comments,Facebook too. Yes the photo is of us about 10yrs ago(not like that now though)hubby has silver hair and beard now and I, well you know,we won't go there HeHe.
    Must visit your shop now to see your goodies. bye for now xx jeanetteann

  3. Oh my online shop needs a serious update!! Working on what exactly is happening there but best to visit my ebay one xo