Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ipswich Garden Glory ~ Day 28

French inspired court yard: Garden of Deborah Sutton, an entrant of last year's competition.

A gardener may spend hours tending to their garden each week, enjoying the fruits of their labour and the true joy it has to offer.  If you live in the Ipswich region, this is the opportunity for your garden to be recognised whether it's herb pots, a veggie patch, rose garden, Australian natives, an edible forest and anything in between.  

The "Ipswich's Best Garden" competition is run by the Trevallan Lifestyle Centre and entries close by the 9th of March, 2012.  Find out more by visiting them on facebook or by contacting Trevallan on 3201 8630.


  1. I love gardening! I would be in heaven here! Pity I don't live closer> Enjoy your visit. x

  2. That looks like such a lovely place to eat a meal with good friends. Lovely.