Monday, January 16, 2012

It's Drizzling Outside ~ Day 17


It's drizzling outside today. We have candles lit in the shop adding extra comfort and warmth. Rain often reminds me of Paris.


Unfortunately I can't give you Paris but the other thing rain reminds me of is good reading weather and what I can give you is the Serendipity Book Club. I would love readers of the Vintage by Lou Lou blog to feel welcome and join in the discussion.

Following each meeting, I will bring to you the highlights of the discussion from book club and allow others the opportunity to post their own responses to each month's reading guide.

For Little Women we are using the following guide and just to let you know that this is a ***Spoiler Alert*** if you haven't already read Little Women.

Pen (type?) us a line below if you're going to your bookshelves right now or your local bookshop to grab your copy of this much loved classic Little Women. First online bookclub meets here 8th Feb.


  1. Oh I love those drizzly days. It was all sunny and hot here yesterday. At least we were at the beach. I'd so swap it for some drizzle though.

    Your book club sounds great. I go to one called The Third Thursday book club. It's the highlight of my month. This week it's Foals Bread. Have you read it? Actually, I haven't go to read it yet myself but I'm still going along as I hate missing book club;)

  2. It's lovely to have a group like this to retreat too, to share conversation and have a few laughs along the way xo